Mirco Toffolo R. - Photographer


I was born in Venice and grew up in Murano, in a typical ‘60s family. My father was a master glassmaker and my mother a housewife. Everyday life flowed between home, school, work and passions.
The first camera was given to me when I was still a kid. I always carried it with me and didn't want to be separated from it. Who would have thought that the apparently infantile practice would eventually become my life? I was still unaware of the wonders that it could give not only to me, but above all to all the people who in these years have chosen me, to make their most important moments of life indelible and vibrant.
The passion was very strong then and it is still so. I set up my first lab about thirty years ago at my parents' house. A few years later I decided to make a further leap in quality by opening a studio in the historic center of Venice. From our living room, to the "living room of the world par excellence", a crossroads of different ethnic groups, cultures
and religions. This place is truly chameleon-like, with its colors saddened by the autumn fog, or revived by the summer sunrise. Just think about the Venetian palaces with a magical atmosphere, such as Palazzo Cavalli in Rialto, or Palazzo Papadopoli, home of the prestigious Hotel Aman, chosen by George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin for their wedding day. In every corner of the city you will find churches, from the smallest and most hidden to the most impressive ones such as the Basilica of San Marco and the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. Over the years my work has taken me beyond this splendid “living room” and I have been able to create services in various Italian and European cities.
I don't like to call myself simply a photographer, my role is more important and profound. The sense of responsibility and the need for perfection lead me to continually renew and confront myself, combining the technical skills gained over the years with the constantly evolving technology.
I acquired the skills by studying the origins, the foundations, to propose today ever more refined, elegant and clean images. We used to say that true elegance is the essentiality and it’s absolutely true. In today's life where the majority tends to exceed, the true beauty of things teaches us that there is nothing more sincere than a stolen kiss, a tear of happiness, a grimace of a child. All non-programmable moments of life to be seized by working with heart, sensitivity and true passion. Carpe diem, I always repeat it and I believe that no other word can better describe who I am and what I do.
Telling your wedding is the lifeblood for me, they are emotions that you never get used to. It is not a job to be considered an end in itself, but a new event every time, I compare it to the birth of a butterfly: the chrysalis is the phase of study, preparations, dialogue. The day of your wedding is the moment when the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, flying high while showing its colored wings.
My priority is to give back the same emotions that I feel at that precise moment, enhancing them with the right light, without plastic poses or cinematographic artifacts. The secret is to get involved in first person, being present but on tiptoe. To enhance the spouses, who in their day already shine with their own light, I identify myself with the situation, becoming part of an unforgettable day.


Mirco Toffolo R.      -     Photographer



Over the years I have built a network of professional collaborators, all with the same goal: customer satisfaction.

Skilled and high-level technical professionals, with whom I have established a collaboration that has been consolidated over the years, based on solid foundations such as mutual respect and esteem.

I am really pleased and honored to introduce them to you: